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August 18th, 2016
06:14 pm



If magic does exist, would it make a better world?
If magic does exist, would it make a better person?
In fact, I wouldn't be that happy if magic really does exist. Magic could make everything easier, while I'd love having an unexpected journey in my life. If magic does exist, I'd lose the element of surprise bcs all I need to do is to swing my wand and expelliarmus every single problem in my life lol

This post was made bcs I was wondering whether magic would be good or bad. Like for real, we're not living in Harry Potter's world after all. For me, it's 50:50. You could choose to be the good like Harry or be the evil like Voldemort. You know what I mean.

I honestly don't see if world would be much better with magic. But if magic does exist, I'd like to use one spell to start all over again.


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